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Posted: February 10, 2019

Babes, we’ve all had that moment where you can’t stop staring at the other person’s brows (whether for a good reason or bad..) Thick brows aren’t just for those born with a naturally perfect pair! The magic solution of pencils, powders and gels can easily fix brows have been over-tweezed and there’s no time for regrowth; at the same time, overdoing it can make them look artificial and overpower your look.

Secret #3: Apply the product onto the hairs of your eyebrow rather than directly on your skin

To achieve an effortless look, apply the gel or pencil onto the hairs of the eyebrow rather than directly onto the skin. For a thicker effect, repeat using the same motion to build on the initial layer. Keep layering until you achieve the look you are going for!

P.s. for the perfectionists out there – don’t sweat, brows that are a little uneven and a little boy-ish actually makes them more natural! Remember brows are sisters, not twins. 😉

Stick around for more #StylistSecrets where we deliver Pro Makeup Artist tricks from our top Stylists to take your makeup game to the next level.

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