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Our Glam. Your Questions.

We know you have questions about our service. That’s why we’ve answered the the most commonly asked queries below.

How can I pick a stylist that I’ve had before?

If you love a stylist that you’ve had before, simply click into your previous bookings, find the booking with that stylist and hit ‘request again’.

What is the difference between Grad, Life and Luxe?

All Glamazon stylists are certified and qualified however there are varying levels of skill and experience. As such, our stylists are categorised into three tiers.

  • GlamGRAD stylists are ceritified graduates with 0-2 years post-graduate experience.
  • GlamLIFE stylists are certified experienced professionals, most of which are full-time stylists with their own existing business and portfolio of clients. GlamLIFE is perfect for everyday glam.
  • GlamLUXE stylists are our most trusted, vetted and experienced professionals. These are our elite stylists with wedding, editorial and celebrity experience. We recommend GlamLUXE for a truly luxury experience and for important events, weddings and photoshoots.

How do I get ready for my appointment?

For makeup appointments:

Please make sure you have a clean face free of any makeup and mascara! Please let your stylist know if you have any skin allergies so they can arrive properly prepared.

For hair bookings:

Blowdrys: Please have freshly washed and clean, wet hair.
Updos: Please have clean, dry hair.
Ghd Curls: Please have clean, dry hair.
Pony/Braid Style: Please have clean, dry hair.

For spray tans:

Please make sure you are showered and have scrubbed off any previously applied tan. Please do not apply any moisturiser before your appointment. Moisturiser can be used after your spray tan to prolong the tan.

Oops, I’m running late!

We understand that you are busy and you may be late to meet us at your location. Don’t worry! We allow a 15 minute grace period for you to arrive, however since our stylist time is also valuable, we charge the full 100% of your appointment cost if you exceed the 15 minute grace period. If you are running late, we’ll do our best to accommodate you if you email us at

How do I change or cancel my appointment?

At Glamazon, we understand that things come up and you may need to change or cancel your appointment, no problem! If that happens, please keep our cancellation policy in mind:

Cancellations up to 4 hours before your appointment is $2.50 . Between 1 and 4 hours before your appointment, $2.50 + 50% is charged of your total appointment cost. Less than 1 hour before your appointment, 100% of your total appointment cost is charged.

I was allocated a stylist and I would prefer a different stylist, what do I do?

All of our stylist are vetted and categorised for their skill level however if your are not happy with your allocated stylist, please cancel your booking and rebook. Or, if you wish to select a particular stylist, simply click the Service Area Check button on our homepage to browse and book stylists directly.

How do I make payment?

Glamazon is a convenient and cashless platform, this means payment is automatically processed through the app as soon as a stylist accepts your booking. If no stylists are available to accept your booking, the booking will automatically time out after 60 minutes and no charge will be taken from your card.

What happens after my booking has been accepted?

Sit tight and your artist will arrive at your location on the selected date and time. In some cases, your stylist may contact you prior to your appointment to talk through the look you wish to achieve. For the best possible experience, make sure you have a photo for visual reference available on the day.

How do Group Bookings work?

For group bookings, we send each service request out to individual stylists. All, some or none of your services may be accepted. You will be notified and charged individually for each service. The Glamazon platform allows each stylist to accept up to 2 services per group booking request, If you would like to alter how many stylists are assigned to your group booking please email

My plans have changed slightly, can I amend the time of my booking?

We completely understand that things change! We will always do our best to amend the time of your booking, but as our stylists book out quite quickly it will depend on their availability. Please contact our team by email on as soon as possible.

I cancelled my booking, how long until I receive my refund?

At the time of cancellation you are automatically refunded from Glamazon however depending on your bank it may take up to 7 days to show the refund on your account statement.

What happens if no one accepts my booking?

Glamazon is proud to provide Australia’s largest network of freelance beauty professionals. Please note these stylists are predominantly located in metropolitan areas, unfortunately with last minute bookings or those in more regional and rural areas, there will not always be a stylist available.

We are constantly growing our network of stylists all across Australia, however if your booking isn’t accepted, it will automatically time out after 60 minutes and no charge will be taken from your card.

Can I book over the phone?

Glamazon are always here to help! However we do request all bookings be processed via our online platform or our App. Trust us, we’ve worked tirelessly to create a seamless booking process.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently accept VISA, AMEX and Mastercard. Please email us at the office if you have any payment queries

On the day emergency?

Things aren’t going to plan on the day of your booking? Please email and we will attend to your email with the highest priority.